Post-Conference Seminars

Number Seminar Wed. 6/11 Thurs. 6/12 Fri. 6/13 Sat. 6/14
801 Half-Day Math Review (2:00PM-6:00PM)
808 Implementing a Comprehensive Strain/Sprain Prevention Process Cancelled
809 Life Safety Code Requirements
810 Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools
811 Systematic Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Strategies that Work!
812 Leadership Skills for Culture Change
813 Coaching for Improved Safety and Health Performance
814 Occupational Risk Assessment Strategies
815 Technologies for a New Dimension in Safety Communication
816 Fire Protection Systems
817 Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant
818 Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Response
819 Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety
821 Safety Management II
822 Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management
823 CET (Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer) Exam Preparation Workshop
831 ASP Exam Preparation Workshop
832 OHST Exam Preparation Workshop
833 CHST Exam Preparation Workshop
834 Managing the Business Aspects of Safety
910 Facilitating Decision-Making in Your Organization Cancelled
911 Using the Safety Principles of High-Reliability Organizations
912 Altering Habits to Improve Safety and Total Organizational Performance
913 Culture Change: A Diagnostic and Action Planning Framework
914 Auditing Safety and Health Management Systems
915 Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO) A-Z