Pre-Conference Seminars

Number Seminar Thurs. 6/05 Fri. 6/06 Sat. 6/07 Sun. 6/08
111 Math Review for Certification Exams
121 Reducing Losses from Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures
122 Managing Safety and Health
231 ASP Exam Preparation Workshop
232 CSP Exam Preparation Workshop Please Contact Customer Service to Register
233 CHMM Exam Prep Workshop
234 Safety Management I
235 Corporate Safety Management
309 Implementing a Safety and Health Management System
310 Pre-Accident Investigations Workshop Cancelled
311 Risk Management for Safety Professionals
312 Investigation and Root Cause Analysis of Fatalities and Severe-Loss
313 The ANSI Z10 (2012) for Continual EHS Improvement
314 Mobile Crane and Rigging Safety Cancelled
315 Ethics for Safety Professionals Cancelled
316 The Politics of Safety
317 Transformational Safety Leadership
318 Environmental Law and Regulations for Safety Professionals
319 Analytics for Safety: A New Approach to Performance Measurement
321 Delivering a High-Performance Safety Management System
322 Techniques for Hazard Recognition
323 Leading Measures of Safety Performance: A Measurement and Metrics Workshop
324 Planning, Developing, Managing and Tracking the Organizational Performance of EHS Initiatives and Programs: A Mini Safety MBA
325 Basic Electrical Safety/Arc Flash with Application of NFPA 70E (2012)
326 Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Cancelled
327 Industrial Hygiene for the Safety Professional
328 Prevention through Design Workshop
407 International Standards and Legal Requirements for Safety Management
408 Human Error and Safety
409 Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
410 Manage Risk, Not Safety
411 Creating Safety Training Programs that Work Cancelled
412 Managing Conflict: Getting the Most from Yourself and Others
413 Operational Team Leadership and Resource Management Training Cancelled
414 Negotiation Skills for Safety Professionals
415 Legal Issues and Exposures for the Safety Professional
416 JHA Workshop
417 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-free Workplace
418 Fall Protection in Construction
419 Establishing Your Place in the C-Suite