Key Level Descriptions

  • (B) Two to five years of experience in identified as basic
  • (I) Six to 10 years of experience in identified as intermediate
  • (A) 10 years plus of experience is identified as advanced
  • (E) Executive level sessions

Please note that Period V sessions have been moved to 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on Monday, June 9. The Plenary Session will take place Tuesday, June 10 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Number Session Level Category

June 9th, 10:30am - 11:45am

501 Advancing Your Career: From Safety Leader to Business Partner 2014 AE Business Skills & Personal Development
502 Deep Safe... The Future of Safety Engineering E Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
503 Standards for Safety in Construction and Demolition Operations A10 Series: Engaging the Process I Construction / Mining
504 Workplace Ergonomics: Is It All Pixie Dust? Moving Your Program from Imaginary to Reality I Ergonomics, Hospitality
505 Understanding Basic Fireground Operations - Determining the Capabilities & Limitations of Your Fire Department BIA Fire Protection
506 Safe 4 the Right Reasons I Human Behavior
507 Updating Nanotechnology for the EHS Professional for 2014 IA Industrial Hygiene / Health
508 I Have to Know and Do What? Considerations for International Practice I International
509 Offshore Oil and Gas Operations: The Revised Workplace Safety Rule BIAE Oil & Gas
510 When Tragedy Strikes What to Expect From Regulators: Managing the Process AE Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
511 The Future of Occupational Risk Management A Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment, Executive
512 The Safety Professional's Role in ADA (American's with Disabilities) Compliance I Risk Management / Insurance
513 What Works Best Doesn't Come Naturally: Leadership Actions for Preventing Loss I Safety Management
514 Should the Safety Department Manage Safety? E Safety Management
515 New Perspectives on Accident / Incident Investigation IA Safety Management
516 Legal Implications of Voluntary Consensus Standards I Technical / Engineering / Standards
517 A New and Powerful Risk Reduction Technique: Creating OSHA / ANSI Safety Sign Systems as an Outcome of Risk Assessment I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
518 Innovative Fall Protection for Limited Clearance Situations BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards, Oil & Gas
519 Safety Training for a Multi-Generational Workforce A Training / Education
520 Achieving Support for Driver Risk Management Solutions in a Union Environment I Transportation
521 Using GHS Classifications and Chemical Data to Reduce Risks in the Workplace BIA Environment / Hazardous Material
522 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A B Fundamentals
523 Key Issue Roundtable: Expanding Consulting Capabilities Through Relationships Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

625 If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: It's No Different With Culture! E Business Skills & Personal Development
626 The Buried Truth Uncovered A Business Skills & Personal Development
627 Challenges of Implementing a U.S. S&H Program in the International Construction Market I Construction / Mining, Executive
628 Contractor and Subcontractor Safety Responsibilities on Multi-Employer Worksites A Construction / Mining
629 Assessing and Managing Risks of Natural Disasters for a Workplace B Emergency Management / Security, Environment / Hazardous Material
630 Five Critical Elements for Managing an Ergonomics Program I Ergonomics
631 Dispelling Myths About Human Error AE Human Behavior
632 S&H Considerations of the Older Worker with Tips / Techniques to Promote S&H I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Ergonomics
633 IH in Hydraulic Fracturing, What You Need to Know to Play in the Sand I Oil & Gas
634 OSHA Recordkeeping and Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting Requirements BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
635 Protecting Workers from Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Industrial Hygiene / Health
636 A Practical Enterprise-Wide Approach to Fatality and Serious Injury Prevention I Risk Assessment, Executive
637 Workers' Compensation and the Safety Professional - Concepts and Practices BI Risk Management / Insurance
638 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues That You May Be Out Of Balance BIAE Safety Management
639 Walking the Talk: The Importance of Management Work Observations E Safety Management
640 EHS Auditing to Improve Safety Performance E Safety Management
641 Utilizing Consensus Standards in the Prevention of Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries I Technical / Engineering / Standards
642 Mind the Gap! Preplanning for Rescue from Fall Protection IA Technical / Engineering / Standards
643 Training for Results: Using the High-Impact Model to Achieve Value BIAE Training / Education
644 What I Should Know Before I Attend 70E Training or Have an Assessment Performed I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Fire Protection
645 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D B Fundamentals
646 Best Practices in Engaging Senior Management in SH&E Performance Enhancement - An International Perspective I, E International
647 Key Issue Roundtable: Diesel Particulate Regulations in Mining Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 3:15pm - 4:15pm

525 How to Turn a Definite "No" into a Sustainable "Yes" I Business Skills & Personal Development
526 Social Media and Safety Professionals - Get in the Game I Business Skills & Personal Development
527 Safety Leadership: The Leading Edge to Total Business Excellence AE Business Skills & Personal Development, Safety Management
528 Best Practices for Screening and Selecting Safe Contractors and Subcontractors I Construction / Mining
529 Practicing Emergency Preparedness: The Key to a Successful Failure BI Emergency Management / Security, Fire Protection
530 Vermiculite: The New Asbestos? B Environment / Hazardous Material
531 Integrating JHAs B Healthcare / Wellness
532 The Psychology of Safety: Paradigm Shifts for Achieving an Injury-Free Culture BIAE Human Behavior, Executive
533 IH Common Failure Mode Avoidance for Safety Professionals B Industrial Hygiene / Health
534 2014 Global SH&E Briefing IAE International, Executive
535 New Safety Rules for Pipeline De/Commissioning and Maintenance Can Save Lives I Oil & Gas
536 OSHA Current Activities Update BIAE Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
537 Lockout/Tagout Risk Assessment: Evaluating Alternative Energy Control Methods BI Risk Assessment
538 What an Effective Working Workers' Compensation Program Should Include A Risk Management / Insurance
539 Safety by Accident: A Call for Action from the Safety Profession IAE Safety Management
540 Reducing Frequency and Lowering Severity of Human Error: Optimize Performance I Safety Management, Risk Assessment
541 12 Key Words for the Safety Professional BI Safety Management
542 Implementing a National Fall Prevention Campaign - Lessons BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Construction / Mining
543 Process Safety Management Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Enforcement Trend I Technical / Engineering / Standards
544 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words BIA Training / Education
545 Early Intervention and Ergonomics - A Blended Approach to Prevent Injuries I Ergonomics
546 Key Issue Roundtable: Managing Temporary Worker Safety in Manufacturing Key Issue Roundtables
547 Key Issue Roundtable: Driver Safety Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

550 The "How To" of Watching Out for the Safety of Others A Business Skills & Personal Development
551 Experience Modification Rates - An Accurate Measurement of Safety Performance? BIAE Construction / Mining, Risk Management / Insurance
552 Recognition and Management of Toxic Building Materials During Demolition I Construction / Mining, Industrial Hygiene / Health
553 Workplace Violence: It's About You, Your Management and Your People IAE Emergency Management / Security
554 Ergonomic Risk Assessment: Quick Exposure Check I Ergonomics
555 Swimming Pool Safety - Risk Management Best Practices BI Hospitality, Risk Management / Insurance
556 To Err is Human... Or is It? Mindfulness Research and Its Application to EH&S IA Human Behavior
557 Preventing Occupational Cancer and Supporting Cancer Survivors' Return to Work I International, Healthcare / Wellness
558 Why do Hydraulic Fracturing Injuries and Fatalities Keep Increasing? I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Oil & Gas
559 Risk Assessments - Make Them 'Come Alive' for Real Employee and Business Benefits I Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment
560 Culture of Correct: Developing a Worldwide Safety System AE Safety Management, Executive
561 The Six-Source Influence Strategy for a Highly Reliable Safety Culture I Safety Management, Executive
562 Commitment Based Safety: The Only Way to Zero Injuries I Safety Management
563 Sustainability Compass: Climate Resiliency, Supply Chain and Safety Metrics A Sustainability
564 Duration & Energy of Flash Fire and Performance of FR Clothing BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards
565 Slips and Falls and our Aging Population I Technical / Engineering / Standards
566 The Safety Practitioner - The Reflective Learner BIAE Training / Education, International
567 DOT Compliance and Auto Safety A Transportation
568 Safety Eyewear & ANSI Standards - Seeing is Believing! B Technical / Engineering / Standards
569 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B B Fundamentals
570 Key Issue Roundtable: Environmental Leading Indicators - Leading the Way! Key Issue Roundtables